776.5k OVRLand minted on Polygon

February 23, 2022

We made it! OVR has been the biggest gas burner on Polygon L2 in the last six days; 776.5k NFTs representing OVRLands were minted to 26.8k owner’s addresses. No more Merkle Proof intermediated ownership for OVRLands. Ownership of OVR platform assets is now fully decentralized and independent from the OVR company. OVRLand is freely tradable both on OpenSea and on OVR Decentralized Marketplace. Currently, OVR is the Metaverse platform with the most significant owners community, far more extensive than Metaverse incumbents such as Decentraland and Sandbox.

The configuration of the OVR ecosystem is now the following: the ownership layer for OVRLand NFT has fully migrated to Polygon, while the OVR tokens are cross-chained between Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. Such a configuration maximizes the liquidity for the OVR token while minimizing the gas costs for all of the OVRLand related transactions.

But this is just the beginning; polygon migration and the minting of OVRLand NFTs will allow for a flourishing decentralized economy built on the OVR platform. During this quarter, renting smart contracts and OVRMaps NFT integration will be released, allowing for monetization of the OVRLand layer. Polygon Low gas fees will also enable 3D assets marketplaces, direct-to-avatar sales of digital clothes and skins, micropayments inside experiences, and much more!!!

Stay tuned and keep building with us!