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A More Than Pokemon Go Gaming Experience in Treasure Hunt 2.0

January 22, 2021

With the increasing interest and adoption of cryptocurrency by the bankless and enthusiasts around the globe, NFTs have also began to steal a little ray of the spotlight as the the “big guys” in tech, e.g. Samsung and others, are reportedly towing along the NFT pattern. This growing adoption is one that was expected, perhaps, due to the innovation that comes along with it, and is indeed a pointer to many other benefits that awaits early adopters of NFTs.

OVR- a worldwide, open source, augmented reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain is one of such platforms championing this innovation in the crypto economy and in the fast growing world of NFTs.

The Treasure Hunt 1.0 Augmented Reality Game

Our journey into the world of NFTs over the years has not only been intriguing, but exciting as well. The launch of our Treasure Hunt 1.0 was greeted by a wide acceptance by users because it wasn’t just like any other random game you’d play in your leisure. Being that OVR is an AR platform added just the right twist to the Treasure Hunt Game, as it was a whole load of interactive and immersive AR experience packed in a game. And there was also the simplicity! The fact that you only needed your mobile device and not a plethora of smart wearable devices was an icing on the cake.

The Treasure Hunt Game which is very intriguing requires you to search for treasure chests positioned at different geographic locations across the world, your camera lens helps you see into the OVR world. Once in the OVR world, you will notice that the world is divided into Hexagons called OVRLands, and in these OVRLands lies the treasure. Using the map which shows the different locations where the treasure chest is hidden, you will be able to navigate through the OVR world to find your treasure chest.

As they say, numbers don’t lie, and at such,is  shown in the statistics of the Treasure Hunt 1.0 below:

Total Discovered Lands: 101,528

Total Tokens: 1,783,198

The above means that players of the Treasure Hunt 1.0 game have physically gone to 101528 OVRLand locations to collect their treasure!This is just a tip of the iceberg, as we’re excited to announce the launch of Treasure Hunt 2.0 mirroring the Pokémon Go style!

What to Expect

The Treasure Hunt 2.0 will not be very different from the earlier version 1.0, except some very interesting updates:

  • In Treasure Hunt 2.0, the user will be required to pay a small amount of OVR token (like a ticket) to open the treasure chest.
  • The user will also have to share part of his reward from the treasure chest with the owner of the land where the treasure chest was located if the land has been sold already. However, if the land has no owner, then the user can claim the full rewards from the treasure chest. 

Treasure Hunt 2.0 will come with lots of other exciting updates which we will get to know at the launch. Get ready for a Pokémon Go kinda experience with a touch of AR!