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An Art Gallery that Extends Beyond Conventional Spaces

April 23, 2021

The OVR Builder is here! Users can now finally develop their OVRLands with AR experiences ranging from AR gaming experiences, building structures, digital art galleries, and so on! 

With the launch of the SDK also comes the exciting news of OVR gallery, a platform created solely for digital artists and art lovers. Here, digital artists will be able to display their art pieces and at the same time, interact with fans.

The OVR gallery will mimic the real-world art gallery setting in which artists put out their artworks on shelves or in full display on screens to viewers. It will also possess a feature that allows the artists themselves to have live-chat conversations and interactions with fans inside the gallery, all appearing in their customizable 3D avatars.

As a result of how intriguing and exciting this is, we’ve received confirmation from three artists [Giovanni Motta (with a room dedicated to him) and Marco Biscardi and Rok Bogataj (who will share a room)]. These artists have shown interest in joining the OVR gallery platform to exhibit their works. As such, we’ll open a private exhibition room in OVRLive for the artists to create a medium for regular communication with their audiences. And with that established, it’ll be easy for their audiences to make offers for their art pieces over time.

For new users who don’t know how to use OVRLive, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Download the OVR app. 

Step 2: Log in with FB, Google or, Apple account. 

Step 3: Go to OVRLive, make your avatar.  

Step 4: Visit the virtual rooms in the OVRLive

Step 5: Open the OVR Art Exhibition and join the exhibition room of any of the artists

For more details on how to use OVRLive please visit:

We also encourage OVRLand owners who are artists to take advantage of the OVR Builder and recreate the same real-world gallery-like experience in OVR galleries on their virtual lands. Using this avenue, they will be able to show their fans and other OVR users their amazing paintings and artworks. However, it is important to mention that you don’t necessarily need to be an artist before you can add content to your OVRLands.

As of the moment, the idea of the art gallery has been met with wide acceptance by other artists who desire to join the platform for future exhibitions. Therefore, we’re also providing a registration form for other artists who have an interest in the OVR art gallery to participate. After the first session with these 3 talented artists, we will arrange the second session to involve even more artists. Check our live event page for extra information on the OVR art gallery.

OVR is re-shaping the art industry using AR and also providing a platform for digital artists to continue the long time relationship between these artists and their art lover audiences.