AR is Fueling Traditional Advertising; OVR Part of this?

One of the notable benefits of augmented reality (AR) is that it fuels the traditional advertising system.

Before now, advertising was largely done through various media channels such as TVs and radio sets, with the earliest form through pamphlets, billboards and handbills.

The internet brought about a change in the advertising industry, creating better interactive mediums through which information is passed across to recipients.

Animated characters are gradually replacing the use of humans in advertising, providing more interactive and well-detailed mediums to keep viewers informed about a new service, product, fashion, trend, and many more.

However, change is constant, and is currently seen in the mode of advertising. This change is Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality is relieving customized 3D interactive experiences in the real world. It is a medium through which our ideas and desires are projected in the real world by adding layers of digital information to it. This is achieved with just a mobile device with a camera lens and a good internet connection!

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You can now get access to information on bookings and reservations in hotels, menus in restaurants, departure time and destinations of trains in train stations, and many more, just by pointing your phone at an object or building of interest.

Hotels, restaurants and other business outlets can now utilize AR to provide interactive experiences in the form of advertisement for their products and services to customers.

Retailers now exploit AR technology to add colour to the branding and packaging of their products in a smart way. With AR, retailers now give their customers a pseudo-taste of their product by giving them the avenue to have more information about the product they are considering buying.

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Traditional advertisement has created the foundation for smart advertisement, AR is taking it a step further and making it ride…. OVR is one of the platforms leveraging AR to fuel the landscape of traditional advertising.

Let’s talk about how OVR fits in…

OVR is a decentralized ecosystem powered by augmented reality, and built on ethereum blockchain to provide a platform (OVRLands) which can be employed by businesses to engage in better advertising for their products and services, using OVRExperiences.

The OVRlands is a concept similar to the network domain, in which the owner has the exclusive right to decide the contents that can be put in this specific piece of OVRland.

The virtual land provides the digital environment where businesses (OVRland owners) using AR can create interactive 3D experiences as a medium for advertising its product or service to its customers.

With such experiences, you can get suggestions on how, for instance, a curtain will best fit into your room, a car in a garage, a restaurant in specified land space, how that cloth will look on you and many more.

Advertising which was basically a means of getting information on products and services has been refined, allowing to not only get the information, but also to relieve how that product or service suits you through 3D experiences in the real world. That is the OVR promise!

Therefore with ovr…

Businesses, influencers and publishers, can also use already created or create their own OVRExperiences on their purchased OVRland (virtual space) to promote their products and services.

Businesses can also rent virtual space from OVRland owners, using the OVRExperience created to advertise their products.

Augmented Reality is fueling traditional advertising and OVR provides business model with a marketing method powered by AR, to effectively put their products and services to millions of customers via interactive OVRExperiences in the real world.