Enabling BSC Payments on OVR

November 18, 2021

In the last month, there was an impressive growth of wallets owning OVR tokens on BSC, 8,384 wallets at the time of writing.

Considering such adoption and the sustained gas fees on the Ethereum main chain, we’re happy to announce that OVR is enabling payments on BSC. It will be possible to pay for primary sales auctions and to use token swapper directly on the BSC network!

Ownership of OVRLands via Merkle Proofs and minting functions will remain on the Ethereum main chain, while payments for such transactions will be possible both on Ethereum and BSC. That will drastically decrease the cost of transactions!  

OVR Managed Token owners will benefit from this upgrade since on the backend, token transactions will happen on BSC, making fees much lower.

Here’s How to use the BSC Network in the OVR marketplace

First, if you have not yet added the BSC network to your metamask wallet please follow the instructions in the screenshot below to add it. 

For further guide please read: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

After you have manually added the BSC network to your metamask, please log in to your OVR marketplace and connect your wallet.

When you are done with connecting your wallet, the next thing is to pass the allowance transaction on the BSC network. You can  by;

…either trying to buy an OVRLand right after selecting the BSC OVR from the dropdown. 

…or by going to the profile page and clicking on the “increase” button below “BSC auction allowance”.

Steps to increase the allowance transaction is summarized here 

Note: Make sure you choose OVR BSC from the drop down options.

If you want to change your OVR tokens from ETH network to BSC network, you can use OVR BSC bridge.

In the short term, BSC will fix gas cost issues; in the medium term (next two months), we will move the whole OVR infrastructure to Polygon L2 solution. Polygon will further reduce transaction cost, enable minting all of the OVRLands NFTs now stored on Ethereum Merkle Proofs and allow renting and hosting smart contracts.

Stay tuned and keep building on OVR. We’re just getting started!