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Explore and Recreate Interactive 3D AR Experiences with the WebGL-based OVR SDK (OVR Builder)

April 19, 2021

The wait is almost over as we are very close to releasing the OVR SDK! You will be able to explore the immersive world of augmented reality and create interactive and enjoyable 3D AR Experiences on your virtual property. If you already own a virtual land, then you’re among the “lucky” that will be able to create as many interactive 3D OVRExperiences on your virtual land thanks to the WebGL-based SDK.

With the release of the SDK, you will not only be able to create these experiences but also be able to earn passively from them. As an artist, you can create a replica of an art gallery exhibition with your works on full display on your virtual land. Plus you can earn rewards in OVR tokens when visitors pay to see your artworks displayed in your gallery or even propose to purchase one of them. 

Other experiences such as AR gaming, a Museum setting can be replicated on your virtual property just by importing them. Images and WebGL-based contents are also not left out from the possibilities achievable with the WebGL-based SDK.


Why Did We Choose WebGL-based SDK?

We choose the WebGL-based SDK because of its flexibility and the ease it helps realize OVRExperiences on your virtual property. Plus it will enable community users to undertake the building of experiences right inside the platform. 

WebGL is also compatible with Unity3D, which is among the leading real-time 3D development environments on the market. And is preferred for its versatility, diffusion, and ability to manage a cross-platform compilation of projects. Thus, supporting mobile devices and smart glasses.

We’re already excited about this and hope to create history with the release of the SDK in the coming days after all testings are satisfied. So get ready to get your hands dirty and build with the OVR SDK!