Half a million OVRLands sold.

We’re building a digital nation, an open AR Metaverse powered by web3. 

One year since the official launch, the OVR community created the biggest decentralized ownership layer mapped one-to-one to the physical world. A virtual nation overlaid on the physical one, with its own independent rules, controlled by OVRLand owners.

A network of over 500k OVRLands; no AR Metaverse ever achieved such a massive scale, and things are just getting started!

OVR platform is in its infancy, but adoption numbers clearly show its potential, a digital nation made up of 8.500 OVRLand owners, in one year only, with the OVR community reaching half of the size of a top-ranking VR Metaverse project like Sandbox ($5 Bln Mkt Cap) that currently sits at 17k Landowners. 

In January, we’re moving to Polygon, creating even more decentralization for OVRLand ownership and enabling decentralized renting, exchange, mapping of OVRLands, and much more. The capacity to mint and transfer NFTs at a negligible cost will allow all objects existing in OVR to be NFTs, making them permanent and live in a cross metaverse. 

Let’s keep building, playing, and earning on OVR!



OVR is a cutting-edge platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Anyone with a mobile device or smart glasses is able to have an interactive, augmented reality experience tailored to your current GPS position in the real world.
OVR is setting a new standard in the augmented reality sector.
Users can develop 3D content in the metaverse, own the space where it is hosted in the form of an NFT, and place it in any corresponding location in the world.
This, is OVR.

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