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How To Increase The Market Value of OVRLand

February 12, 2021

Perhaps, you heard about OVR and OVRLand from a friend or through social media. Whichever way, you made the best decision of a lifetime by owning these gems.

Now as a supporter and stakeholder in the project, you believe it’s going to blaze through the moon, no doubt everybody wants this at some point in time. However, just like every new member of the project, you’re constantly faced with the thoughts of how to achieve that. Thus, the question- how can I increase the market value of my OVRLand NFTs comes to mind.

First of all, I’d like to once again congratulate you for taking the bold step of owning a virtual land and becoming digital landlords. Just like in reality, the value of a physical land can be increased by what you add to it (contents), which is what you choose to set up on it. The same applies to owning a virtual land. As an owner of OVRLand(s), you can increase its value by integrating enjoyable AR contents on it.

How do I create content on my OVRLand?

OVR will be releasing an SDK that will enable users to create contents on their virtual space as seamlessly as possible. The SDK will allow OVRLands to connect to AR contents and experiences, and all you’ll need to do is import them onto your land and voilà! It’s done.


What kind of contents can I create on my OVRLand?

OVRLands are unique in the sense that It’s not just some endless virtual space, but one that is pegged to real locations. OVRLand is an AR space where you can let your imaginations run wild, exploring many possible contents and replicating them on the AR space.

An art gallery, virtual gaming, a hotel, cafeteria and many more, are contents you can find in real locations which contributes a commercial value to the economy as a whole. Owning an OVRLand gives you the opportunity to explore these and many other options, you can even decide to build an entire city with the needed aesthetics on your virtual space.


How do I get value from the contents on my OVRLand?

With your OVRLand set-up and established with the right contents and experiences, attracting value would be a piece of cake. Note that your OVRLand(s) are rentable by default which is one way by which you can already get value. Other ways by which value is accrued to your OVRLand are: 

– Get paid in OVR by users that want to interact with the experience: with your virtual space fully stocked with interactive contents and experiences, users who want to explore these contents will have to pay to do so. For example, a user that wants to see an art gallery exhibition on your virtual space will pay to do so.

– Get paid by advertisers/publishers: you will get paid by advertisers/publishers who want to rent your virtual space to create awareness for their products and brands. There is also an option for pay per view/interaction. Amazing stuff right?

There are lots of other enjoyable benefits of owning an OVRLand, plus other use cases yet explored. Fortunately for many of us, we’re at the beginning stage of what is yet to come. Stay tuned!