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June Development Schedule

June 16, 2021

In previous months we’ve added some amazing features to the OVR ecosystem. The following, is a summary of the features we’ve added to our platforms.

Secondary marketplace: Lands can be managed in folders.

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payment option is now available. Making it easier for non-crypto users to buy OVR tokens.

OVR App:

¶ We published many OVR Art Galleries.

¶ Mathame DJ set Live Event – Token burning party

¶ 3D assets created in the OVR Builder can be published in OVRLands.

¶ You can access OVR Experiences remotely.

¶ The Profile view has been improved with new information.

¶ Enabled in-app purchases of OVRLand.

¶ Launched the OVR community chat.

¶ Many performance fixes.

We’re committed to growth and we’ll keep developing content to give our users the best “OVR layer of life” experience.

A summary of the June development schedule:

Your NFT in the Builder – You can visualize and use your NFTs on “assets” section of the builder

Sharing Hex location – You can share hex locations by sending URLs

Chat Notifications – We will enable in-app push notifications for the OVR community chat.

AR face-to-face chat with friends’ avatars – You’ll be able to switch to AR chat with the person you’re chatting with and you’ll interact with their avatar in real-time.

Chainlink Contests – 2 contests, one for OVRLand buyers and one for treasure hunters.
Users who buy OVRLand from (a date we have to set) until August 31st, will automatically be entered into a drawing where every land purchased entitles you to a “ticket” with a Chainlink special number integration. One lucky winner will win 50k OVR tokens! The second contest will be for treasure hunters and the reward will be for 15k OVR!

New avatars – 10 new avatars will be added to the app

Avatar customizations – You will now be able to change the colors of your avatar.

Personal gallery in the builder – Users will have the pre-built assets for creating their own art gallery.

New assets in the builder – We will start adding some new assets inside the builder.

We will also fix the UI for the marketplace, update filters in the secondary marketplace, and fix some bugs from the builder (like animations or object scaling).

You won’t want to miss any of these coming updates. Stay with us and keep using OVR products and services all summer long!