Map2Earn Tokenomics

January 27, 2022

In the last blog we delivered a high level description of what Map2Earn is. Now let’s dive into Map2Earn as part of the OVR infrastructure and on the tokenomics that will power the world mapping. 

OVR as the infrastructure for the AR Metaverse is built on 3 main layers.

  • OVRLands: the ownership layer 
  • Map2Earn: the high precision mapping layer
  • SDK: the tools to build on the former layers


Just like OVRLands, OVRMaps will be ownable NFTs, OVRLand mappers will generate an NFT every time they scan an OVRLand. The OVRLand Mapper can be anybody with a smartphone, whether he owns or not the OVRLand that is mapped. It will be possible to sell OVRMaps on the market just like it’s possible to sell OVRLands. Mapping will be an important job inside the OVR Metaverse, converting the time and efforts of OVRLand mappers into a valuable asset – OVRMap NFT – owned by its creator. 

OVRMaps will generate revenues if the owner or renter of the OVRLand will activate the precise localization feature. The owner of the OVRMap NFT will retain the majority of the fees generated by the asset while OVR will retain up to 50% of the fees to run the infrastructure for the re-localization Neural Networks. The OVRLand owner will have the power to decide whether or not to use the OVRMap precise re-localization feature and which OVRMap to choose.

OVRMaps will have an automatic scoring system assessing their quality.

It will be possible to create multiple OVRMaps for the same OVRLand: multiple floors, updated maps, multiple versions with different scoring. The OVRLand owner will make the final decision on what map version to use for re-localization.

We envision 3 main paths for the OVRMap creation:

OVR sponsored Open to Map areas: OVR will subsidize OVRLand mapping for the most famous locations in the world. OVR will create bid offers to buy OVRMap NFTs from OVRLand mappers

OVRLand owner sponsored Open to Map areas: OVRLand owners that want to enhance their OVRLands will directly scan their lands or offer a reward for other users to scan their OVRLand

Community driven mapping: OVR users will scan locations that they deem valuable and offer the OVRMap NFTs in the secondary marketplace or retain those for the expected future cash flows.

Finally, OVRLand mapping will be additionally incentivized by a monthly Chainlink powered extraction with a prize in OVR tokens. The more the OVRMaps a user will generate the higher the chances to win the prize.


In February we will release an Alpha version of the system, if you want to help us build the AR metaverse please fill the form to be whitelisted as a tester: