July 20, 2021

The NFT market is seeing yet another momentum in the “metaverse and NFT gaming category” just a few months after we experienced what was termed the “NFT frenzy” that shot most NFTs to mainstream adoption. Positioned to ride this momentum is the augmented reality platform OVR, which efficiently fills in the category of both metaverse and NFT gaming, making it a win-win situation! 

OVR is one of the leading AR platforms for metaverse creation – OVRLands – and NFT gaming, where you can create anything. It allows users to create interactive experiences on their OVRLands, treasure hunting, and more. 

“OVR has created an ecosystem that transcends reality.”

Looking at current statistics from, it is essential to note that the value of the global gaming market has increased significantly over the past decade, so much that it is predicted to reach the $200 billion mark in 2023 if it continues at this pace. With more and more attention recently directed to NFTs, the NFT market has seen a considerable increase in its capitalization, up from $338 million in late 2020 to over $22 billion in 2021.

NFT gaming already championing the momentum

NFT gaming platforms like Axie Infinity are already showing us why the momentum is building in the NFT gaming category. The CryptoKitties-like platform that allows users to earn rewards in NFTs from breeding, battling, and trading digital pets recently saw about a 700% surge from its lows in just a few weeks! OVR, which cuts across metaverse and NFT gaming, achieved so much in a short time since its entry into the NFT market.


OVR is open-source in the creation of the metaverse

OVR gallery, for instance, clearly shows the potential of a metaverse in our business. The launch of the digital gallery saw fans and team members from OVR attending in their 3D customizable avatars. To also spice up the OVR gallery experience, there was a virtual DJ right in the gallery with attendees playing from his DJ set sonorous music that got guests grooving. Despite the distance and pandemonium! No wonder it is called the “double layer of life.”

Presently, the OVR Gallery is now live on the OVR Builder as a free asset for every OVR user! With this addition, users can build their art gallery on their OVRLand, host NFT arts on it, and organize exhibitions just like the illustration with the DJ above.


An ecosystem where NFT gaming is already thriving

OVR is a real open-source AR platform that allows the community to create and build their metaverse.

Over the past months, we’ve recorded over 300,000 sales of OVRLands, with their owners already creating interactive 3D experiences in their virtual worlds. OVR users take creativity to the next level recreating experiences on their virtual lands that many would define as “impossible.” 

We’re past the age of Dinosaurs because, for all we know, they were extinct millions of years ago. That is true in the real world, but not in the metaverse that our users are building. In support of this claim, there is an OVR user that recreated the “Jurassic Park” kind of experience on his OVRLand with an imported Dinosaur virtual art! In his OVRLand, you can find a dinosaur running around as if chasing anyone in its path. There are others like the mythological Chinese Phoenix recreated in front of a store by another of our creative users and so much more!

The above experiences become achievable because, in the OVR metaverse, everything is possible!

And that’s not all; the treasure hunt game, which experience is mainly described as “more than Pokémon Go,” has rewarded thousands of players in OVR tokens for hunting treasure chests. 

Excitingly, there’s an ongoing treasure hunt contest that promises rewards to the tune of $5,000 in OVR tokens to lucky treasure hunters! Let’s go treasure hunting.

OVR is the complete embodiment of metaverse and NFT gaming. An open-source community with users creating their metaverse where imagination is brought to life and everything possible.