OVER App Release: Control Your “Sandbox” NFT Assets in AR!

April 1, 2022

The OVER ecosystem is still growing. We keep adding more features to achieve the OVER vision of creating a two-layer of life. Therefore, we are excited to announce that we have improved the version of the OVER app. This version includes new features which enhance both the UX and UI aspects of the app.


New OVR App Features

  • “My NFT” section upgrade – control your “Sandbox” NFT assets in AR!
  • Map2Earn Alpha improvements.
  • Chat performance improvements.
  • Indicator of the position during avatar teleport action.
  • Feature to deactivate ARKit ARCore while enjoying OVER Experiences. This enables you to enjoy the experience hands-free.
  • Light refactoring for OVER Experiences created from OVER Web Builder.
  • Poap support – You can now visualise the Poap dispenser in your OVRLands.
  • Support for new features added in the new Unity SDK.
  • You can now control the audio volume for your OVER experiences.
  • Invite your OVER friends to join experiences without closing the app.
  • Avatar animation improvements.

We are committed to growth. We will keep building the OVER ecosystem and be sure not to miss any of these exciting features. So update your OVER app and enhance your OVER Experience.