Ovr BSC upgrade – Secondary marketplace and Swapper are now enabled

The number of wallets that own OVR tokens on the BSC has been increasing in recent months. This clearly shows the adoption rate of OVR on the BSC network. Because of this, we’ve already enabled payments using the BSC network in the OVR Primary Marketplace. You can read the announcement here.

At the time of writing, wallets owning OVR tokens on BSC totals 19,484 (almost twice the 8,384 wallets that held OVR when we made our previous announcement). Due to this impressive growth, we’ve decided to enable payments on the BSC network in the OVR Secondary Marketplace and in the Swapper. This means users will now be able to buy and sell OVRLand on the OVR Secondary Marketplace using OVR tokens on the BSC network.

This is amazing news for the OVR community! Not only because it will reduce transaction costs, but also because it will act as a catalyst for further adoption.  

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to swap “OVR Managed” tokens through the BSC network. Users will now be able to swap their “OVR Managed” to “Decentralised OVR” via the BSC network.

It’s important to mention that ownership of OVRLands via Merkle Proofs and minting functions will remain on the Ethereum network main chain, while payments for such transactions will be possible both on Ethereum and BSC. This will drastically decrease the cost of transactions! 

For further details on how to use the BSC network in the OVR Marketplace, please refer to this article


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Anyone with a mobile device or smart glasses is able to have an interactive, augmented reality experience tailored to your current GPS position in the real world.
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