OVR integrates Threedium to Enhance 3D Assets Capabilities from your Smartphone

December 14, 2021

LONDON, Dec 14th, 2021OVR, a decentralized metaverse platform creating geolocalized AR/VR experiences, announces an exclusive partnership with Threedium, an award-winning 3D and AR platform. The integration empowers users to build and request 3D objects in OVR’s metaverse.

With Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta, the spotlight is now on the idea of the metaverse, a shared digital experience bringing the real and the virtual worlds closer together. Taking into account Big Tech’s outsize influence over our current digital lives, privacy advocates fear large corporations could take advantage of the budding metaverse by entrenching themselves in this new digital landscape early on. Full decentralization of the metaverse could fend off any player trying to wield too much power, guaranteeing the participation and ownership of individual users.

OVR tackles this challenge head-on by constructing the decentralized infrastructure for the community-owned spatial web, merging physical and virtual worlds through Augmented Reality. The Threedium integration in the OVR Web Builder enable users to request custom 3D assets and distribute them across the OVR metaverse for interactive AR experiences.

OVR’s metaverse leverages NFTs to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds through advanced geolocation. OVR users have already scanned one million locations as part of its Pokémon GO-styled treasure hunt. Using the platform requires only a regular smartphone camera. 

Threedium’s 3D& AR solution provides SaaS that is changing the future of e-commerce. Using a low-code and no-code 3D engine, Threediums service allows regular cellphone users to turn photos into 3D images, which can be then made into an interactive AR experience. Threedium already works with other big brands, such as Starbucks, New Balance, and BMW, and is helping showcase their products online.

“As we move into the metaverse, it’s clear that user participation must become one of its most fundamental staples,” says Davide Cuttini, CEO of OVR. “By welcoming users to contribute to our project, helping us build out the geospatial infrastructure for a whole universe of experiences, and rewarding them with our tokens, we are making sure inclusivity is at the very foundation of our digital future.”

“Our collaboration with OVR is an important step,” says Mike Charalambous, CEO of Threedium. “This feature will  continue to guide brands into the metaverse and will allow for immersive experiences using 3D.”

About Threedium

Threedium is a powerful 3D/AR engine. We believe that democratizing the creation and distribution of 3D and AR experiences represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people buy and sell products.

For more information, visit threedium.co.uk