OVR Treasure Hunt 2.0 Official Announcement

April 20, 2021

We’re glad to announce that the much anticipated Treasure Hunt 2.0 is live and packed with new exciting updates! Our decision for a continuation of the Treasure Hunt game from version 1.0 is not far-fetched from the momentum garnered from Treasure Hunt 1.0 alone. The Pokémon Go-styled AR game recorded thousands of users who were actively engaged, hunting for treasure chests across various geographic locations while earning OVR tokens as a reward. Yes, you heard that right! Players were rewarded for their time in OVR tokens!

It was indeed an exciting experience for many of our users. For some users, the Treasure Hunt game was a getaway for father and son adventure, building a stronger bond while hunting for treasure chests together. While for some others, it was an opportunity to hunt for treasure chests on their way to work, from walking their dogs around the park, and some while hiking (highly dangerous and not advisable). Read how to play the OVR treasure hunt game here.


What’s new in Treasure Hunt 2.0

These exciting experiences from users across the globe showed that the treasure hunt game was a really exciting, interactive, and immersive experience. Thus, our reason for continuing this experience in Treasure Hunt 2.0!

Treasure Hunt 2.0 is adding more of the Pokémon Go feeling of version 1.0, as it is packed with a better upgrade from the previous version. Some of which include:

  • New users will be able to open a maximum of five chests for free, after which they will be required to subscribe to any of the two packages to continue the hunting experience.
  • Users are no more limited to hunting for just one chest per day, but now have the opportunity to claim up to 10 chests in 24hrs, and 10 chests per day for a period of 7days by subscribing to the following packages:


Package 1: Unlocks the ability to hunt for 10 extra treasure chests within 24hrs by subscribing with as little as 8 OVR tokens which are renewable after the expiration of 24hrs.

Package 2: Unlocks the ability to hunt for 10 treasure chests per day for 7 days by subscribing with 50 OVR tokens also renewable after the expiration of the 7 days.

Note: The prize inside the chest is from 0.1 OVR to 100 OVR

Other exciting app updates include:

  • We have slightly moved the notification that alerts the user of the presence of a treasure nearby so that it doesn’t overlap on the map and text as before.
  • The thumbnail of the profile photo of users logged in with Facebook is no longer grainy 
  • The avatar face customization screen now has the button in the upper right corner correctly displayed. Plus it also allows the user to return to the previous screen for editing the body customization.
  • You can now select and deselect a land on the map via the main screen and still return to the home screen.
  • The treasure hunt tutorial has been changed as it now specifies the new prizes that can be claimed.
  • We also changed some icons have been to unify with the UI


Ensure to update the previous app to enjoy these upgrades and lace your boots for a more intriguing treasure hunt adventure!

OVR app download link: https://link.ovr.ai/social