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OVR Unity SDK Alpha is now Available!

December 30, 2021

Thanks to our plugin, you can take advantage of all the Unity Engine features as it is the same development environment used in the Ovr app.

You can integrate major 3D model formats like fbx, dae, 3ds, dxf and obj, create interactions, animations and take advantage of physics rules directly from Unity, activating them through triggers or buttons. 

Thanks to the Unity profiler, you can change the colors of lights, insert particle elements, and check your experiences’ performance.

The publication of your project is done directly from Unity without exporting and re-importing the project elsewhere. It is impossible to create shaders, use your own scripts or insert canvases with non-worldspace render modes. It should also be understood that user-triggered events only happen in the local device. 

To download the Ovr SDK Alpha package visit this link:

Here is the list of scripts available in this first release of OvrModSystem:

  • OVRClickableObject: With this script, you can trigger events by clicking on 3D objects;
  • OvrColliderTriggerEvent: With this script, you can trigger Unity events by user or object interaction with colliders;
  • OvrTriggerModEvents: With this script, you can trigger scripts that are part of the OvrModSystem events through user or object interaction with colliders;
  • OvrModTriggerBtn: With this script, you can trigger events by clicking on buttons in a canvas, for example, two-dimensional buttons;
  • OvrAudio: This script allows you to modify audio sources by increasing or decreasing their volume, modifying the position in space, or changing the source;
  • OvrVideoPlayer: This script allows you to modify the audio of the videos inserted in the scene, such as increasing or decreasing the volume or changing the audio source;
  • OvrCharacterController: It allows you to connect a pre-existing CharacterController and move it in space;
  • OvrLight: With this script, you can control the color of the lights in the scene;
  • OvrLineRenderer: This script allows you to draw two-dimensional lines in three-dimensional space;
  • OvrRigidBody: Thanks to this script, you can modify the force applied to an object using the rules of the physics engine;
  • OvrArWorldCanvas: It allows you to enable the canvas click-in app integrated into the scene;
  • OvrAssets: Defines the prefab of the scene to be published in Ovr.