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OVRLive Virtual AR party – A Step Towards Metaverse Adoption.

June 1, 2021

OVR, an augmented reality platform, has seen quite an increased growth with several groundbreaking developments/events to its name over the last six months since our launch. Another feather to its cap is the first-ever token burn which happened on the 30th of May, 19:30 CET!

A total of 1,000,000 OVR tokens accumulated from OVRLand sales and never to be found in circulation were burnt at a grand Token Burn Party, which happened to be the first of its kind! The Token Burn Party, which also doubled as OVR six months anniversary, featured Mathame, a world-class DJ group plus members of the OVR community in attendance in their customized 3D avatars. 

At 19:30 CET, the stage for the party, the “Angel alphabet collection MATHAME AR LIVE SET”, was already lit and blasting with music from the Mathame DJ group as members from the OVR community arrived in their numbers, hand-in-hand in their customized 3D avatars. The Angel alphabet art collection room also treated attendees to several interesting, intriguing, and well-detailed art collections displayed in grand style across the room walls.

The party was more exciting because it was an excellent medium for OVR users from far and wide to meet, discuss and connect over a lit AR art gallery collection and sonorous music from the DJs. And it was also an opportunity to meet members of the OVR team for the first time. A surreal experience!

It was a wonderful time at the Token Burn Party. Everyone had fun viewing creative art collections and getting to meet each other. In addition, the DJ performance was extended to 9 pm CET to provide entertainment for more users that kept joining even halfway through the party. 


At the height of the Token Burn Party, we recorded a new in-app user activity milestone – we had 10,000 active users for yesterday’s event! That shows that more and more users are adopting and using augmented reality made possible by OVR.

Finally, the event climaxed with the burning of 1,000,000 OVR tokens to a ‘Burning Smart Contract’ without any withdrawal function. Which means they are permanently removed from circulation. Below is the OVR token burn transaction hash.


The Token Burn Party shows considerable potential for the OVRLive feature to be used not only for token burn events as this but for other possibilities such as virtual concerts/music festivals, virtual meetings, beach parties, tours, and a social platform where chatting is not between usernames but in your customized avatars, face to face and in real-time! How real can that be!

OVR, as a metaverse project doubling as an augmented reality platform, has shown significant commitment/ability to provide this kind of experience for users, useful for their day to day operations, be it in their social or business activities. OVRLive experience stands out as a double-layer life where your physical life activities are possible too.

One of OVR’s visions is to enable millions of users access to AR tech at the palm of their hands from their mobile devices. There is no doubt that Token Burn Party is a sneak peek into the future of metaverse. However, it also proves that OVR is not just a platform for browsing AR contents, but one where everything is possible.