December 22, 2020

The bells are jingling, the streets impeccably decorated and lit up, the trees already set up and everyone is in a jolly mood. You can already tell that the festive season is here, and more exciting because it is also a season of caring and sharing. It’s Christmas and as always, you want to make this a most memorable one, however, you’re still faced with the big question of: What am I gifting to my loved ones for Christmas? Which box of present am I going to put under the Christmas tree? A tricky situation right. Let me tell you a secret, OVR has just the right surprise to make this Christmas the best of Christmases for your loved one(s)!

A most memorable Christmas

Do you know that you can go out of the “norm” to gift your loved ones a virtual land for Christmas. A virtual land where it is possible to create interactive and immersive 3D augmented reality experiences customizable in the real world, and one (virtual land) where everything is possible. Make this Christmas the most memorable one for your loved ones by gifting them a parcel of OVRLand.


What is OVRLand 

OVRLands are parcels stored inside a blockchain-based ledger that make up the digital layer of subdivision of our planet into hexagons. And if you haven’t heard, virtual land- OVRLand is the new unicorn, a goldmine not fully untapped.

Let this Christmas not be about chocolates, candies or video games alone, get your loved ones a virtual land of which benefits they will get to reap and enjoy for a lifetime. Plus the experiences they can get to create on it can be sold or rented to advertisers or publishers, so when I say OVRLand is the new unicorn, it really is!

Hurry as Boxing Day is just around the corner, give them the best gift for not only Christmas, but for a lifetime. You can purchase OVRLand (virtual land) from: