The Token Burning Party

May 10, 2021

It’s been five months since OVR launched, and things are moving fast!!!
To date, we’ve already sold 260k OVRLands, and the Eiffel Tower for $106k.
We launched our Merkle Proof-based Secondary Market, established the OVR Builder in its Beta version,
and created the OVR Art Gallery.

Perhaps even more importantly we’ve already accumulated enough liquidity to finance our current level of
development and marketing expenses for the next four years.
That puts our project in a very resilient, bear-market proof position.
OVR will keep on developing, and advancing our roadmap, even if the music stops playing tomorrow, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t 😉 .

With that said, we’ve decided to start burning part of the OVR Token we’ve accumulated from OVRLand sales.
The first token burn will happen on the 30th of May, exactly six months from our launch date.
We’ll be burning 1,000,000 OVR Tokens from the OVR treasury, and of course, we’ll be throwing a party to celebrate!
A soon-to-be-announced live DJ, in a motion-tracking suit, will be throwing down on the 1’s &2’s, so get ready for this special OVRLive event!