Ways you can earn from OVR NFT- OVRLand

May 4, 2020

Augmented Reality is the next Tech revolution, and OVRLands is going to be the future of marketing methods. It is time to reserve the land as OVRland will be a hot cake in the close future. You want to know why? Read on!

This revolutionary Tech is fast reshaping business models, providing businesses with better and more interactive mediums to reach out to the needs of its customers. AR makes it possible to use a mobile device or smart glasses to live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world.

Good news is, OVR is one of the platforms, championing the course of redefining the use of AR in helping businesses churn out large sales and turnovers, allowing for detailed access to information on almost anything in a quick time, and also providing businesses with better working models.

OVR is an augmented reality and ethereum blockchain-powered ecosystem that provides users, investors and businesses with tools to create their own interactive augmented reality in the real world.

Thus, OVR is providing a better marketing model- OVRLand, built on AR. It is time to reserve the land, as in no time, OVRLands will be considered a hot cake in the internet of things (IoT).

OVR operates on a tokenized ecosystem which utilizes two different kinds of tokens, OVR token and OVRLand. Now, OVRLand is a non-fungible token (ERC-721) that represents the ownership of virtual lands.

Apart from the OVR ecosystem, there’s also the OVR marketplace where you can create your OVRExperience, interact and pay OVRCreators to build an OVRExperience for you. You can also interact with advertisers to rent out your virtual land in order to earn OVR tokens.

OVRLands will be purchased with OVR tokens and other cryptocurrencies. An auction of OVRLands is expected at the end of the month of May. Get prepared to be among the early birds of this smart opportunity.

For more clarity, let’s explain further….

As mentioned earlier, OVRLand represents ownership of virtual lands, which is an important component of AR. It creates a digital platform that allows users’ imagination to run wild, creating an environment that projects what they want to actualize.

For example, if a buyer is looking to fit-in furniture into a sitting room space, augmented reality can help the buyer to create a digital sitting room space where the furniture he wishes to purchase can be perfectly fitted in. This digital space (sitting room) is what is referred to as a virtual land.

Thus, ownership of OVRLands, equals ownership of virtual lands

Now that you are familiar with the value virtual lands hold in augmented reality, you may be wondering what you stand to gain holding OVRLand. Here are the ways you can earn from holding OVRLand.

OVR provides a marketplace where OVRLand owners can sell their personalized OVR Experiences, utilizing it to earn OVR.

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As such, the marketplace provides you a medium to sell or rent your OVRLand for OVR tokens at any time with the existing OVRExperiences created.

As an OVRLand owner, you can also earn OVR tokens by renting out your virtual land for a fee to content publishers, who wish to use your virtual space as a medium for marketing or distributing their contents.

OVRLand owners will get paid in OVR by users that want to interact with the OVRExperience:

  • Users may pay to make the experience start.
  • Users may pay to buy products from OVRExperiences.

Holders of OVRLand can also earn OVR token by exchanging their OVRLand for OVR token in the marketplace.

Holding OVRLand is a win-win for you as an investor or as a business owner wishing to reach out to a wider customer base. Take advantage of this smart investment in OVRLand (virtual land) today.

I guess you already want to own an OVRland. All road leads to the ending of May when the auction of OVRland will start.