The decentralized world scale
augmented reality platform

OVR is a worldwide, open-source, AR platform
powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

A cutting edge AR platform
powered by the Ethereum Blockchain

OVR makes it possible for users provided with a mobile device or a smart glass to live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world.

OVR can be defined as a new standard in augmented reality where geographical experiences are based on user's position.
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main Features

In OVR the entire planet is virtually subdivided into hexes of the 300m2 areas and the OVRLands represent the single unit.

The OVRLand can be initially purchased on the OVR Marketplace through an ascending price auction.

The OVROwners can sell or rent their OVRLands at any time using the marketplace features. The OVRLands are sold or rent with the existing OVRExperience.
OVR is based on Ethereum blockchain with the goal to decentralize all the token exchange dynamics between the users. OVR token is an utility token based on the Ethereum's smart contract ERC‌-20 standard.

OVRLands are parcels stored inside a blockchain-based ledger that make up the digital layer of subdivision of our planet into hexagons.

OVRLand token is a non-fungible token based on the ERC‌-721 standard that is consistent with the goal of decentralized possession of digital assets such as OVRLands and OVRExperiences.
OVR is an aggregator, a community that uses a real economic system that can revolutionize AR worldscale experiences. Thanks to this system, OVR represents the solution to various market segments needs..

Therefore the community has complete control over OVRLands, OVRExperiences and all related assets.
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Our Ecosystem

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OVR Geo Positioning
and Tracking

OVR Innovation is focused on the matching between localization and coordinates of the hexagonal OVRLand, and then moved on to work out a method for positioning contents in an augmented reality beyond the GPS limits.

The logical concept is to merge two positioning technologies: SLAM, with high local accuracy, and GPS, which works at a global level, so as to identify similar data and cancel anomalous data.

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