Liscon Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations! You have taken your first step towards the completion of the Sca(n)venger hunt! Many prizes now await you!

The game will last for 36h covering the whole conference.
From October 20th, 9 am, to October 23th, 9pm.

What now?

You first need to download OVR and link your eth address to your account.
You can find the links at the bottom of this page.

Create an account and once you are ready click on the square icon on the lower menu of the app (1).
Once you are in the OVR Playground section click on the “Play To Earn” button (2).
You can now roam the streets of Lisbon with your phone and look into the OVR metaverse, where you will find that hundreds of ARtefacts have been spread across Lisbon, around the LX Factory, Belém, City Centre, Principe Real, etc.
ARtefacts are 3D items visible in the OVR metaverse, belonging to a series of partners, including OVR and BlackPool. Gather as many ARtefacts as you can from each project (especially those that you want the most!) and aim for the top of the leaderboards or get a handful and trust your luck in the raffle. Some prizes will be ARtefacts-specific (each partner will have its own leaderboard) while some will be won from the overall ranking.


Here is a recap about prizes and how to win them from ARtefact-specific leaderboards and raffles:
Partner Prizes From






OVR OVR tokens 500 + 300 + 150 Top 3 0
.arianee x Satoshi Studios 5 .arianee NFTs Top 5 0
Arke Arke NFTs 3 Unique artworks 2 Unique artworks
Cometh 3 Explorer Spaceships
3 comics pages by JHB 
Top 3 : Explorer Spaceships 3 comics pages by JHB 
Ethernaal NFTs Top 3 2

For instance, the 3 contestants who gathered the most Arke ARtefacts will win a unique artwork, while 2 additional ones will be raffled amongst the remaining Arke ARtefacts gatherers.

There are no clues as to where these will be and contestants are encouraged to communicate between themselves, sharing good spot locations, or send each other on wild goose chases…

Then there’s the general leaderboard and raffles. Here it doesn’t matter which ARtefact you got, all that matters is how many you accumulated.
Partner Prizes General


General Raffle
.arianee x Satoshi Studios The unique pair of BlackPool sneakers Top 1 0
LisCon Tickets for LisCon 2022 Top 3 0
.arianee x Satoshi Studios 13 .arianee NFTs Top 5 8

BlackPool’s Hunt

Last but not least, the BrunchPool (co-hosted by OVR and Centrifuge) will take place on the 22nd of October at 11h30. As you may know, 7 spots are to be won during the hunt. The concept is similar to the partners’ sca(n)venger hunt, except that this time, there are only 7 BlackPool ARtefacts spread across Lisbon. Of course, these 7 BlackPool ARtefacts are to be found in 7 specific locations. You will find a list of riddles below to help you find them and by extension, get on a very pleasant tour of Lisbon!

Partner Prizes From BlackPool Leaderboard From BlackPool Raffle
BlackPool 7 Unique NFTs by JHB with invitations to the BrunchPool Top 5
(all 7 BlackPool ARtefacts)

The first 5 persons to gather all 7 BlackPool ARtefacts will thus be welcome to join us to a feast for the ages. Two additional lucky souls among those who gathered BlackPool ARtefacts will be picked.

  • 1. Find me where it all begins.
  • 2. Where the old meets the new, I stand between power and creativity.
  • 3. The reward is worth the wait in the sweetest Queue of Lisbon.
  • 4. In my corner, I always stand by the knight,
    And protect the Kings and Queens no matter what.
    I have watched the great explorers of old
    And stood tall with my feet in the water cold.
  • 5. Meet me where the poets meet.
  • 6. “Always take the stairs, no matter how beautiful the elevator” or “Sometimes to go vertical all you need is JUST A lift”
  • 7. There’s a place of great beauty, where a king, a diplomat and a martyr died yet only one very big heart stopped.

Note: The list of the top gatherers is updated during the game, the first person to reach a certain number, x, of artifacts (let’s call him Ben) will always rank higher than the subsequent contestants who now need to reach x + 1 in order to overtake Ben.

Invitation to the BrunchPool will be sent along or included in the metadata of the 7 NFTs sent to the 7 winners of the BlackPool’s Hunt.

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