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A new way to party

There is a way to be connected in real-time and find ourselves all in the same room. With augmented reality, everything is possible. Thanks to AR live event, fans will be able to attend a live concert and see their favourite artists perform at their home.

Your favourite artist
in your house

The artist will be visualized through his 3D avatar, a hyper-realistic model.

His movements will be recorded and reproduced in real-time to recreate a live performance. For the participants, it will be like having the artist right in front of them.

Thanks to augmented reality, it is possible to create that contact and those emotions that distance does not allow us to experience.

Your custom 3D avatars will interact with other users

Each user will have their 3D avatar, which they will create at will or using the face tracking systems that some smartphones have. An additional level of user involvement will ask, “What do I wear for tonight’s concert?”

On the other hand, the artist will be visualised through his 3D avatar, a hyper-realistic model. Their movements will be recorded and reproduced in real-time to recreate a live performance. The performer will be able to view the avatars of the most active users, talk and interact with them.

Like a real event

To access the live broadcast, the user must register and buy a ticket, just like going to a concert. Similarly, suppose the user wants to have a “front-row” seat (and, therefore, interact with the artist). In that case, they can buy a premium ticket or upgrade the account to a pro user. There will also be the opportunity to take photos, record the event, and share it on social profiles.

Let’s make something extraordinary happen

In a live performance in augmented reality, it is possible to make anything happen. Therefore the scenography can be even more spectacular than an actual concert. Lighting effects, animals of any kind, fire, water…  Everything you want. All this will happen in the living room at home.

It’s also possible to transform your entire living room into another place. In this way it is possible to create live performances in incredible places where it usually would not even be possible to do them. For example, What about a DJ set in the Sistine Chapel?

In his home, the user finds himself in the middle of a party, with the artist as the special guest.  

Augmented reality allows people not to give up on the fun, to be able to live incredible experiences even while at home, and to get excited in front of their favourite artists even while sitting on their sofa.

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