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You can buy OVRLands NFTs using OVR Tokens. OVRLands are created through an auction, and the minimum price is 10$ paid in OVR. Auction closes 24 hours after the last bid, if you’re the winner, an NFT representing the OVRLand will be minted and sent to your wallet.

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The OVR Token

You can buy OVR fungible Tokens from our IBCO, and the starting price of the bonding curve is 0.07$ per OVR. The more tokens are minted, the higher the price. The IBCO is both a primary and a secondary market, where you can buy and sell to the curve, buying = creating tokens, selling = burning tokens. The IBCO will never stop, and it’s the leading warranty of liquidity for OVR Token holders who may want to sell. OVR purchasing power for buying OVRLands has a floor value of 0.10$, regardless of the price on the market. If you don’t want to pass KYC, you can also buy OVR tokens on Uniswap, MXC, Bitmart, Bilaxy or Loopring.


The Marketplace

You can participate in an OVRLand auction with OVR Tokens. The base price for an OVRLand auction is 10$ paid in OVR Tokens. OVR Tokens have a floor purchasing power of 0.10$, so regardless of the OVR Tokens price on the market, 100 OVR tokens will always have a minimum value of 10$ for buying OVRLand. Auctions last 24 hours, and the minimum price increase for consecutive bids on the same land is 2x. Users that purchase land during the first nine months will also benefit from our cashback promotion.

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