IBCO starting price 0.07 DAI

Frequently Asked Questions

The concepts are similar but also very different, both are mechanisms to distribute tokens but basically an IBCO is conceived to solve main problems of an ICO in terms of risk for investors

For several reasons: – The price is not fixed but depends on demand, high demand = high price, low demand = low price – At the beginning of the IBCO supply for the public sale is 0, tokens are minted when people buy it and burned when sold back to the IBCO – Raised funds cannot be freely withdrawn by the team to buy a Lambo 😉 Maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 50k per month, all the rest of the liquidity stays on the curve to assure liquidity to investors who decide to exit

Blockchain is all about transparency and we believe that the IBCO model provides maximum transparency in how tokens are priced during the sale — determined by supply and demand. In the past, token sales priced their tokens at an arbitrary value, normally determined by the project. Once sold, owners also found it very difficult to sell back the tokens, resorting instead to markets (usually exchanges) where prices are also arbitrarily set by the few owners, and with thin liquidity.

With a bonding curve, gradual price increases and guaranteed ability to sell helps keep prices fairer and more market determinant, hugely reducing the risk for token sale participants.

The price is governed by a bonding curve based on Bancor Formula: price is distributed on the bonding curve and depends by the amount of tokens in circulation, low amount = low price, high amount = high price.

Yes! You can both buy and sell OVR tokens to the IBCO. When you buy tokens are minted, when you sell tokens those are destroied decreasing supply. The ability to sell keep the prices to a fair level and hugely reduces risk for token sale partecipants

In theory there is no maximum amount of tokens that can be minted, in practice the amount of tokens minted will be limited by the market request. At the beginning there are 0 tokens minted for public sale, once the IBCO starts tokens are only created if and only if buyers are more than sellers. Also you have to consider that we used an exponential bonding curve so for a linear growth in the number of minted tokens we have an exponential growth in the price of the tokens. This naturally limits the actual amount of tokens that will ever be minted while price is approaching to his asymptotic limit.

You can find more on the IBCO on the following article published by Hackernoon; also if you have more specific questions you can refer to our WP or join our Telegram group where our administrators will be happy to answer any question!

Well.. almost for free! OVRLand Auction will start in parallel with the IBCO and we have a cashback policy running for the first 9 months since the launch of the IBCO. If you buy OVRLands with OVR Tokens in the first month you will receive back 95% of what you invested after one month. In you buy OVRLand in the second month you will receive 85% of OVR tokens spent after one month. Investing in OVRLands on the 3rd month will grant you 75% cashback and so on until the end of the promotion on the 9th month.

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