Dear Over users, on April 8th 2022, OVR will launch a new official logo and a new domain name. The logo will change from "OVR" to "OVER", and the new website URL will be more

The OVER Team

Meet our team of Visionaries, Builders and Coders

Davide Cuttini


Diego Di Tommaso


Mattia Crespi


Luca Dal Passo


Lydia Wang

Marketing Director

Angelica Bordon

Head Of Communications

Carlo Davide

AR Architect and Unity Developer

Antonio Dal Cin

Web Architect and Lead Developer

Alessio Antoniacomi


Marco Gianni

Frontend & Solidity Developer

Davide Candotto

Backend Developer

Jacopo Mosconi

Solidity Developer

Federico Palla

Unity & Backend Developer

Matteo Vittori

Unity developer

Simone Amico

Unity developer

Michele Zanello

Head of Metaverse Event

Matteo Gardin

3D Production

Giacomo Angelozzi

3D Production

Mattia Di Nunzio

3D Artist

Chiara Sapio

3D Artist

Maria Sole Costanzo

Graphic Designer

Alex Faraone

Community Manager

Victor Amaechi

Social Media Manager

Gianluca Sibilia

Marketing Lead

Marco Ciprian

Business Intelligence

Alessandro Chiandotto

Sales Manager

Stefano Chiarandini

Administrative Officer

Gianluca Zilli

Partnership Manager

John Henry Clippinger


Gianmarco Boggio


Sean Ness


Amelia Tomasicchio


Alessandro Brunello

Crypto Art Advisor