OVR Treasure Hunt
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Step 1: Launch the App from your smartphone. You will now see a Welcome Screen with instructions on calibrating your App for use. If you have already logged in with your OVR account, you might click on “Treasure Hunt” to start the game.

Step 2: Remember to log in before you start the game, so the tokens that you discover will be saved to your OVR account. If this is your first time using the OVR app, you need to “sign up” first: you can choose to sign up with your Facebook or Wechat (for the Chinese version app).

Step 3: Click “Treasure Hunt”, and the following screen tells you the simple rules of this game. After reading and understanding the information, swipe left on your screen. Then click “OK, got it.” to enter the game.

Step 4: This step allows your camera to find a surface to start the AR experience. Click “Start OVR”.

Step 5: Finally! You’re looking at the OVR world. Look around with your camera, you will find several signs like this showing the position of the treasure chest. You might also extend the map on the bottom of your screen by clicking the pink arrowhead. Here, you can see that the world is divided into Hexagons called OVRLands, and with the direction pointing, this map will lead to the closest treasure chest.


Step 6: Wow! You have found your first treasure chest! Open it by clicking on it and earn OVR Tokens! Check your profile, and you can see your tokens collected in real-time! 


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