The OVR virtual layer
1.6 trillion hexagons all over the World

Find and get your hexagon

OVR created a digital layer over the physical world made of 300 sqm hexagons, the OVRLands. There are over 1.6 trillions of those covering the planet; each one has specific coordinates and a unique name represented by a triplet of English words, e.g.,

What you want where you want

The property of each land is represented by a Non Fungible Token written on the Ethereum Blockchain. OVRLand is a tokenised Spatial Web Domain. Thanks to GPS and Computer Vision, the OVR app will deliver you AR experiences contextualised to your geographic position. The OVRLand owners will have the power to decide which content will be shown on their geographic location.

The OVRLand Naming System

OVR Innovation is focused on the matching between localisation and coordinates of the hexagonal OVRLand, then moved on to work out a method for naming the OVRLand matching a unique code or domain name based on three words. Select a land clicking on the map, browse by city using the first bar or jump to a domain name selecting three words from the list on the second bar.

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