The OVER Virtual Layer

1.6 trillion hexagons all over the world

Find real world locations and own their digital layers

OVER created a digital layer over the physical world made of 300 m2 hexagons, otherwise known as OVRLands. There are over 1.6 trillion of these OVRLands covering the planet, each with specific coordinates and represented by a unique name made up of three random words, for example, blue.sky.dream.

What you want, where you want

OVRLands are tokenised Spatial Web Domains. Each OVRLand is represented by a Non Fungible Token written on the Ethereum Blockchain. Thanks to GPS and Computer Vision, the OVER app will deliver augmented reality (AR) experiences that are contextualised to your geographic position. OVRLand owners have the power to decide what types of content can be shown in their geographic location.

The OVRLand Naming System

The OVER Naming System is an innovation that centres on matching each OVRLand’s localisation and coordinates and giving a unique code or domain name based on three random words.

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